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The Gambier Island Community Association (GICA) was founded in 1944.  It is committed to enhancing the well being of our community through local initiatives such as support for the annual SCRD island clean-up, promoting courses in first aid and the maintenance of first aid equipment and supporting the Gambier Island Fire Equipment Group in the promotion of fire safety on the island.  GICA has also supported infrastructure projects such as the expanded parking in New Brighton.  GICA also acts as an informal liaison with local government (the SCRD for services such as docks, solid waste and parks, and the Islands Trust for zoning and preservation issues).  GICA also sponsors community building events such as the annual children’s fishing derby, Canada Day festivities and Christmas events.

This year GICA was a successful applicant to the Province of BC’s new Rural Economic Diversification and Infrastructure (REDIP) grant program and received a total of $84,000 in April 2023 to be spent in the following two years. The primary purpose of the REDIP project is to identify and develop plans to address the island’s most pressing issues. For further information on the REDIP project, click on the REDIP documents on the right.


In the past year GICA has been particularly involved in efforts to ensure that the New Brighton dock remain a public access facility. For further information on the New Brighton dock, click here

GICA’s current Board of Directors includes Danny Tryon (President), Ted Myers (Treasurer), Brian Thorpe (Secretary), Al McPhie, Joley Switzer, Michelle Hughes, Bob Ostiguy, Estelle Honeywell, Geoff McAllister, Terri Starr, Scott Finestone (Directors).

Would you like to join us and help benefit the community?  A Family Membership ($25.00) covers a calendar year (January 1 to December 31) and can be obtained or renewed on this website using the buttons below.


The Gambier Island Community Association (GICA) is a non-profit Society and a registered Canadian Charity. We will provide a tax receipt for any donation over $20. Donations in-kind are also eligible - Our account number is 85280 8104 RR0001.


The Gambier Island Fire Equipment Group (GFEG) is now part of GICA. To make a donation to GFEG, click here


If you would prefer to obtain a GICA membership or make a donation to GICA by cheque, please make it payable to GICA and mail it to Gambier Island Community Association, Suite201 -721 Andy’s Bay Road, Gambier Island, BC V0N 1V0.


E-transfers for memberships or donations can be sent to


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